About us


Develop, manufacture and market climate products with sustainability, environment and price as key words. The customer is always our focus, which radiates through production, installation and servicing.

About us

Started in 2005 as a wholesaler for sales of heat pumps to retailers. Since 2011, Jifon AB is developing and producing sustainable products within renewable technology, which is distributed by a skilled dealer, where the installation and service is of high quality.

With extensive experience and knowledge within the heat pump industry Jifon has been able to develop more innovative and sustainable heat pumps than most on the market today. All products manufactured from Jifon contains unique technology that adds value to the end result.

Jifon is a member of the EHPA (The European Heat Pump Association) which represents the interests of the European heat pump industry on international level.

Contact information

Jifon AB
Address: Verkstadsgatan 1, SE-280 10 Sösdala, SWEDEN
Phone: +46 451 70 54 60
Fax: +46 451 600 12
E-mail: kontor@jifon.se