A hybrid heat pump

Smart fan-less heat pump

The Jifon AirGo™ heat pump combines a 30-meter copper coil buried in the ground with our fan-less air collector. This design embodies a hybrid solution, where energy is always drawn from the air and, when temperatures fall below freezing, is also extracted from the ground.

The fan-less air collector requires no defrosting, which means economical operation and a high rate of energy exchange. The simple design results in many attractive advantages, including low maintenance requirements, long service life, and easy installation in conventional locations.

The additional heat source allows the Jifon AirGo™ heat pump to operate down to -20 degrees, overcoming typical limitations of air-to-air heat pumps. Our intelligent control approach allows you to use your pre-existing heating system as a supplement.


The Jifon AirGo™ heat pump draws energy from the air with our fan-less air collector. The air collector should be placed where it is most exposed to wind, rain and sun. On the coldest days, the AirGo™ also uses a 30 meter copper loop to extract energy from the ground. This combination of two sources of energy is Jifon’s smart hybrid solution.

Its well-thought-out design makes the Jifon AirGo™ a very simple and cost-effective device to install. It fits conveniently into small and hard-to-reach spaces.

Between the air collector and the GreenBox™ heat pump module, at about 100-150 cm depth a copper loop is laid down in the ground, depending on geographic zone. The JiControl™ control module manages the heat pump and its supplementary heat source. Using an indoor sensor, it ensures that a uniform temperature is maintained regardless of weather conditions.

The Jifon AirGo™ Refrigerant Loop Made Simple:

  1. The refrigerant flows through the AirGo™ air collector, where it picks up energy from the air, and is then transported via a ground loop* to the GreenBox™ heat pump module, at which point the refrigerant is in a gaseous form.
  2. The compressor compresses the warm refrigerant, increasing in temperature significantly.
  3. The high temperature of the compressed refrigerant is transferred, via the heat exchanger, to the building’s hydronic heating system.
  4. The cooler refrigerant, its pressure lower, is pumped back to the AirGo™ air collector, and the process starts all over again.

*The ground loop provides the heat pump with a ”boost” on colder days, when the refrigerant picks up thermal energy stored in the ground as well. In other words, the energy that the AirGo™ air collector cannot extract from the cold air is picked up by the supplementary ground loop.


  •  A unique fan-less air-collector
  • Defrosting is done by nature
  • Reliable construction
  • Only one moving part: the compressor
  • Smart temperature control by JiControl™
  • Taking into account the building’s heating requirements
  • Save up to 80% of heating consumption

Jifon AirGo™ is tested according to EN 15879-1 with an efficiency (COP) of 4.58 at E4/W35.