The Jifon AirGo™ heat pump combines a 30-meter copper coil buried in the ground with our fan-less air collector…



The Jifon AquaHeat™ achieves optimum efficiency, even at high heating temperatures.With a high efficiency of COP 4.78…



Our heat pump module, GreenBox™ looks the same on the outside of all our heat pumps, a handy size…



Our unique controller, JiControl™ is designed so that one in a simple and economical way set a preferred temperature…


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Jifon AB presents AirGo™ an efficient hybrid heat pump made for the future. This product is developed and manufactured in the south of Sweden. Featured in picture is model and spokesman Alroy who joined us in October 2013, with his motto “It’s green and saves coins”, he was a natural choice when selecting a new team member..

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Jifon AB is a Swedish manufacturer of high-performance home and commercial heating pumps and related system hardware and software.

Jifon has developed one of the most efficient and reliable heat pumps for home heating that are available in the Swedish market today. In Sweden, where market penetration of heat pumps is among the highest in the world, winters are long and cold, so efficiency and reliability are two very important criteria for selecting a heat pump. Jifon’s pumps are superior in efficiency due to their mechanical design and the software used in their control systems, which senses temperature at only one point: indoor ambient temperature.

Jifon’s pumps are superior in reliability and easily serviceable because they use readily available components from leading manufacturers such as Danfoss, Alfa Laval and ABB. Compared to competitors’ products, Jifon heat pumps typically run for longer periods with fewer breakdowns, requiring less maintenance. Some models are also quieter than average.

These three attributes – higher thermodynamic efficiency (also called COP), greater reliability, and easier maintenance – combine with a middle-range market price to make Jifon heat pumps the most economical choice on the Swedish market for groundwater-source, and air source heat pump-based hydronic heating systems (baseboard and underfloor radiant).

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The heat pump – eco-friendly and energy efficient

Energy is everywhere in nature, and today we use a minimal part of it. A heat pump takes advantage of stored energy, which source (air, soil, rocks, water) is most appropriate depends on various factors such as heat demand and the conditions nature has to offer.

The heat pump will allow us to arrange for our heating without affecting the environment with toxic emissions, or to consume more natural resources than necessary.

Besides the environmental aspect you will in a short time feel of the savings financially, because a heat pump could reduce heating costs up to 80%.

Make an environmentally conscious investment with heat pumps manufactured in Sweden by Jifon AB.