A groundwater heat pump

Saving and efficient

The Jifon AquaHeat™ achieves optimum efficiency, even at high heating temperatures. With a high efficiency of COP 4.78 at 10/35 oC, it is always recommended, if possible to use a groundwater heat pump. The advantage of groundwater heat pump is that no external factors affects its source, the groundwater maintains a constant temperature year round, 4-12 degrees in Sweden.

Jifon AquaHeat™ is a ground water heat pump that has existed on the market since 1980. Through a unique solution reduces the risk of clogging considerably with the result that life expectancy is among the longest in the market, upto 25 years. This heat pump is optimal for buildings of 200 sqm and up.


Jifon AquaHeat™ a groundwater heat pump draws energy from the ground water in the ground, cools off and returns the water.

You can retrieve the groundwater in two different ways, with surface groundwater you use the horizontal uptake method, dig a channel where surface groundwater can flow from the spill to the uptake site. The more common way is the vertical uptake method, then you need an uptake borehole and a drop borehole, one can use an existing well as uptake borehole.

JiControl™ manages the control of the heat pump and building additional heat source. Using an indoor sensor, it ensures that an even temperature is maintained regardless of weather conditions.

A unit capable of delivering heat to the building, simplified as follows:

  1. AquaHeat coil retrieves the groundwater in two different ways, either horizontally or vertically (see pictures above), here the refrigerant collects energy in the gaseous form whereby it is transported to the heat pump module Greenbox™
  2. The compressor compresses the refrigerant which increases in temperature significantly
  3. The high temperature of the refrigerant is transferred via a heat exchanger to the water system in the building
  4. The refrigerant now in liquid form is transported back to AquaHeat coil whereby the process starts over


  • Long life span
  • High annual efficiency
  • Reliable
  • Requires considerably less water than conventional groundwater heat pumps, resulting in a lower installation and operating cost
  • Greenbox™ a heat pump module with low noise level
  • Easy temperature control with JiControl™
  • Takes into account the building’s heating demand