Jifon AB presents AirGo™, a revolutionary hybrid heat pump

The Swedish heat pump manufacturer Jifon AB in Sösdala launches AirGo™, a heat pump taking energy from both soil and air! The hybrid solution with a copper coil in the ground (1m below ground with a loop length of 15-30m) combined with a quite air collector, AirG™, provides a unique advantage over existing solutions. The air collector is fan-less and therefore there is only one moving part, the compressor. This unique design ensures a highly economical and reliable solution for heating. Moreover, the installation of AirG™ is very simple, either drilling or major excavation work is necessary and therefore is ideal for use even in smaller plots.

– With our launch of the AirGo&trdae; our product portfolio is more complete! Our professional dealers and installers can now offer homeowners and commercial a more comprehensive range, says Amrish Kapoor , CEO of Jifon AB

At present Jifon AB manufactures AirGo™ in three sizes, with 11kW, 15kW and 20kW power.

– We have chosen these sizes in order to cover as much of the market as possible, in even greater need, it is possible to parallel connect the AirGo™ to get the desired kW, says Amrish Kapoor.

Swedish heat pump manufacturers are world leaders in quality and innovation. Jifon AB is also dedicated to the same concept and will continue to bring forth more innovative heat pumps. Amrish Kapoor also sees a market opportunity in middle and northern Europe, with the technology Jifon now launches. Many homeowners and businesses will lower their heating costs and also contribute to a greener future.

JifonAB is a member of EHPA, European Heat Pump Association, as part of encouraging the promotion of heat pump technology in Europe.


A company in Sösdala gives new life to 30-year-old Swedish invention in heat pumps.

Jifon AB in Sösdala has started production of the now 30-year old Pertinex groundwater heat pump. With simplicity and sustainability as key words, Jifon AB finds, the product has a good position in the product portfolio. Jifon AB was founded in 2011 by Amrish Kapoor, previously CEO for 6 years in a different heat pump manufacturing company.

– The great advantage of the technology behind Pertinex ground water heat pump was the better chance to avoid clogging of the evaporator (heat exchanger between the refrigerant and groundwater). It is also this important benefit that makes it regain a positive view of groundwater heat pumps from the public. Groundwater heat pump has very good conditions today and gives a good yield in terms of return of investment, says Amrish Kapoor.

The models Jifon manufactures are available today in two versions. One of 13kW and 18kW of power.

– We have chosen these sizes because they fit well in the renovation / construction of larger houses and smaller venues. For larger needs, you can always parallel connect a size to get the desired heating power, says Amrish Kapoor.

Jifon AB sees good prospects of achieving good export sales as the international demand for good quality heat pumps is increasing. Amrish Kapoor also sees a market opportunity in Sweden even if the domestic market is characterized by a certain stagnation.

Jifon Ltd is a member of EHPA, European Heat Pump Association, working for the promotion of heat pump technology in Europe.